Retail Store

iStore is your local Mac store, featuring all the latest Apple computers iPads, iPods, Sonos Products and accessories. We offer Apple Authorized service for all Apple products with no appointments, and no long lines.

Trade-In for Instant Credit

Trade in your used iPhone, iPad, or Mac for Instant Credit towards a new purchase, or send it off for cash.

Business 2 Business

Let our Apple Certified staff help you choose and implement the best new Mac and iOS equipment, OS X Server Installations, Managed Services, Backups, Networking, Unified Communications, and more.

iPhone Repair

 iPhone done without appointments Monday – Friday. iStore is an Apple Premium Service Provider.

Apple Certified Service

Our Apple Certified technicians can repair Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and iPods (in warranty, out of warranty or under AppleCare); as well upgrade your Mac. No appointment is required.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery for Mac, PC, Linux, External Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, SD Cards, and more. Free Estimates.

  • Google Reviews 98%
  • Facebook Reviews 90%
  • Apple Consultants Network Reviews 100%

Latest blog posts

Apple Previews New Operating System Features at WWDC

  During the keynote of Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, the company unveiled major updates to all four of its operating systems. All the new versions will be free, and they’re slated for release this fall, likely in September or...

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Why IMAP Is Better than POP for Email

When you read an email message on your iPhone and delete it, do you have to trash it again when you check mail on your Mac? Or is your email kept in sync such that if you delete a message on one system, it never even appears on the other? If you fall into the first...

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Find Buried Options in the iOS Settings App

iOS 9 offers about 40 top-level categories in its Settings app and seemingly innumerable options in those categories. How can you find a little-used setting, particularly since Apple sometimes moves things between categories during major iOS releases? The solution is...

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