Microsoft Office for Mac Quick Start Guides

Microsoft Office Downloadable Guides – Mac version

Even though Apple’s iWork productivity suite is free and full featured.  many users still rely upon om Microsoft Office for their Business and School Applications. I recently ran across some handy Quick Start Guides for the Mac Versions of the Microsoft Office Suite that I wanted to share. These are great resources if you use office on a regular basis. Just click on the Image or link to download the guides.


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Be Careful the Trash Button in iOS 13’s Mail Is Where Reply Used to Be

For unknown reasons, Apple redesigned the toolbar in the iOS 13 version of Mail. Such things happen, but this time, Apple made a big mistake and moved Mail’s Trash button to where its Reply button used to be. Lots of people who have become accustomed to tapping Reply are now finding themselves deleting messages inadvertently, since a tap in the same location in iOS 13 deletes the message. It’s hard to retrain muscle memory—the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought—but if you find yourself deleting messages accidentally, you’ll need to slow down and remember to tap the new location of the Reply button.

(Featured image by Skitterphoto from Pexels)