Time for an upgrade? Check out our trade-in program

iStore offers instant credit on in-store trade-ins!

Don’t have the time to wait for your trade-in credit? Now you can bring your old laptop or desktop into iStore to receive credit towards your new computer the same day!

What can be traded-in?

We’re currently offering in-store credit on most Apple notebook and desktop computers which contain an Intel i-series processor as well as most iPhones and iPads. Not sure if your computer qualifies? Just go to the Apple icon in the top-left of your computer’s screen and select “About This Mac.” If the processor is an i3, i5 or i7, bring it on in! If your computer is from an older series, don’t worry, you can still use our mail-in trading program to receive credit for your computer, as well as any iPads or iPhones you’d like to trade-in, too. If your device has no monetary value we can recycle it for you with our environmentally friendly recycling partner.

How it works

Step 1: Gather Everything that came in the box

Make sure you bring in all of the accessories that came in the box with your computer. If it’s a notebook, make sure to bring your power adapter; iMacs will need a keyboard and mouse/trackpad with them, and Mac Minis will require the included DVI adapter. If anything is missing, you can still trade-in the machine for credit, there will just be a small deduction from its value for the missing items.

Step 2: Receive a preliminary quote

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, bring it all into iStore. Our sales staff will run a very basic diagnostic on your computer to check its condition, and give you a preliminary quote for what your computer may be worth; this will give you an idea of your computer’s value, and allow you to decide if you’d like to go ahead and receive a finalized quote from us.

Step 3: Receive your finalized quote

If you decide you’d like to move forward with the trade-in, our Apple Certified Tecnicians will do a more extensive diagnostic and visual inspection on your computer. This will check the condition of all of your computer’s parts, and can usually be completed within an hour or two. Once the inspection is completed, your preliminary quote will be adjusted to reflect the exact condition of your computer, and we’ll present you with a finalized quote for your trade-in.

Step 4: Choose your new computer

Your finalized quote can be directly applied towards the purchase of any new computer at iStore; this allows us to give you even more value for your trade-in, by lowering the upfront cost of your new Mac and saving you even more on the sales tax. Take advantage of our free data transfers*, and we’ll have you up and running on your brand new Mac in no time at all!

*Data transfer performed at no charge on fully operational Intel Based Macs running 10.8 or higher with a new computer purchase from iStore. Data transfer does not encompass data recovery if you have a failing hard drive. If you have a PC or your Mac will not fully function fees may be incurred for data transfer.