If you are interested in responsibly recycling your unwanted electronics, Apple and iStore have resources available to help. Apple and iStore contract with Take Back Electronics to responsibly recycle computers and displays from any manufacturer. We’ll make sure that your product is safely recycled at one of Take Back Electronics domestic processing facilities where a zero-landfill policy and proven sustainability give you peace of mind in knowing that your electronics will be managed responsibly.

The cart will accept 5 items and generate a label for each item to receive a free prepaid shipping label. Individual items may be combined into a single package with a weight limitation of 50 pounds per package, and any unused labels may be discarded. Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. For more information about Take Back Electronics click the link below or call (877) 278-0799.


Create Recycling Shipping Label 

WARNING: this page is intended only for free recycling. You will not receive a gift card or store credit if you use Take Back Electronics to return your items.