Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from iStore?
  • We can sell, warranty and repair almost anything made by Apple
  • You don’t need an appointment
  • Most repairs are completed in just a day or two
  • We offer individual training sessions
  • Buying local helps all of us and strengthens our local economy
Are you an Apple Store?
Yes and no. We sell and service all Apple products (except for the iPhone and Apple Watch), under an official, authorized license from Apple. We also have personalized training sessions. That said, we aren’t an official, Apple-owned “Apple Store.” iStore is a locally owned business that goes the extra mile every day to take care of our customers.
Do you replace broken iPhone screens?
Starting October 30, 2017, iStore will be able to repair cracked iPhone screens in house. Not only is the repair done at our store, but we can repair your damaged screen and have your iPhone back the same day*. We use genuine Apple parts to deliver Apple-certified repairs, which are backed by Apple, so you’ll get your iPhone back and working exactly the way it should. Schedule an appointment, and we will have it ready for pickup later that day.* Same-day service is available for iPhone 6s or newer models Monday through Friday only.

*iPhones dropped off after 4pm may not be available until the following business day.

Before your appointment:
1.) Know your Apple ID– visit to reset if needed.
2.) Check warranty status–visit to know if you are still covered under warranty.
3.) Be sure to back up your iPhone before coming in for service. Details can be found here.

Do I need an appointment ?

We reccommend that you schedule an appointment to receive faster service, but do not require appointments.  We accept walk-in repairs for iPhones Monday through Friday only. We do not perform iPhone repairs on weekends. You can drop off an iPhone on the Weekend but our Technicians work Monday-Friday only. As we do not accept appointments and repairs are done on a first come first served basis you may have to wait for your repair the longest current expected wait time is under 4 hours, unless brohht in after 4p.m. *Same-day service is available for iPhone 6s or newer models Monday through Friday only.

All iPhone walk-in repairs are done on a first come first come first served basis Monday through Friday. Appointment repairs take first priority and walk-ins will be worked in as available after scheduled appointments. No iPhone repairs are performed on the weekends.

For Mac and other Apple product repairs please visit us HERE

How are you different from an Apple Store?
  • You don’t need an appointment – just come on in, and we’ll take care of you, without having to wait in line
  • Convenient Downtown Greenville location in the Bank of America Building
  • iStore is a locally owned business that is 100% committed to Upstate South Carolina
  • Buying local means that more of your money stays in our local economy
Where is your store and when is it open?
iStore is located at 101 N. Main St. Ste. I Greenville, SC 29601-4841. We are in the Bank of America Building at One City Plaza. Free parking is available in the Richardson Street Garage at 66 Richardson Street. When you exit the garage we are the 1st store on the right. Please see our Contact Us page for directions.

Our Hours Are: Monday-Friday: 9:00-6:00 • Saturday: 10:00-5:00 • Sunday: 12:30-5:30
Do you sell CTO (Configured To Order) Macs?
Yes! All Mac CTO (Configured To Order) options are available to purchase from iStore. Many CTO models can be delivered in as little as 1-3 business days. Please call or email us for details.
Are your prices the same as the Apple Store?
Yes! Apple has unilateral pricing on all of their products. The price is the same whether purchased from us or from Apple.
Am I covered under warranty or AppleCare? Check your Warranty Coverage
Form opens page on Apple’s Website
What is an Apple Premium Service Provider?
Apple Premium Service Providers are Apple Authorized Service Providers who are recognized annually by Apple for consistently offering the highest levels of satisfaction and service excellence to our customers.

Apple certifies all Apple Authorized Service Providers to deliver service with the highest standards in the industry, so you get the same professionalism and quality of repair you’d expect from Apple.

• We are trained by Apple, use genuine parts and honor Apple’s warranty.
• We offer face-to-face technical support and hardware troubleshooting in your community.
• We meet and exceed Apple’s service goals and must pass annual certification. Apple regularly audits metrics like repair time and customer satisfaction.

Can I check my Repair Status online?
Form opens page on Apple’s Website
How long will it take to repair my Mac?
Every issue is different, but most issues can be completed within 24-72 hours.
Is there a possiblilty that I will lose any data during repair?
We recommend backing up your machine as we are not responsible for customer data. While most repairs would not effect your data, it is always best to assume that there is a risk for data loss. If necessary, we have Data Recovery services available if you do not have a backup of your data.
Can you upgrade my Mac?
Yes! In most cases* we can upgrade your Mac with more RAM, Solid State Drive, larger Hard Drive, and more. *Please note that some Mac models are not upgradeable. Please contact us for compatibility.
Can I ship you my computer for service?
Yes, please call our store and speak to one of our Apple Certified Macintosh Tecnicians to prepare us to recieve your computer and for further information.
Can you ship my computer to me when service is completed?
Yes, we offer flat-rate insured shipping at an additional fee to our customers.
Will you be able to service my computer while I wait?
While some things can be completed while you wait, you will get a complete check-up on your computer when you check it in and leave it with us. Your diagnostic fee covers a full hardware scan accompanied by a system cleanup. If you have a repair or upgrade done the diagnostic fee is applied towards the repair cost making the initial checkup essentially free.
What if I want to replace my computer instead of repair it?
No Problem. Your diagnostic fee can be applied to purchasing a new computer as long as it is bought from our store.
Can I get a loaner phone while my phone is being repaired?
Yes! iPhones under AppleCare+ and non-damaged iPhones under Apple Limited Warranty can receive a complimentary loaner in most cases. We cannot guarantee loaner availability without having your phone assessed in store and qualifying it through Apple’s criteria for eligibility.

We do offer iPhones to rent if you do not qualify for a loaner iPhone for a fee, Loaners require a valid Credit Card for a security deposit while your iPhone is in for repair.

Do I need an appointment to get my iPhone serviced?
No appointment necessary! iStore has technicians Monday through Friday that can look at your iPhone same day. Phones brought in over the weekend will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis the following Monday
Can I buy an Apple Service Part from you and install it myself?
No, Apple does not allow us to sell parts to end users. If you have a damaged device, it must be repaired by an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store.
Do you repair iPad screens?
For iPad and iPod (and some iPhone) repairs, we offer whole-unit replacement from Apple. With all iPad and iPod repairs Apple policy is that the entire unit will be replaced. So if you broke your screen, not only do you get a new screen, but a new housing and battery and the whole unit has a 90-day warranty from Apple so you can be confident that you won’t have any further problems. In the event that your iPad/iPod is replaced under AppleCare+ or Apple Limited Warranty the warranty date of the replaced iPad/iPod will align with the Warranty date of the original device.
Can I get a part that I purchased installed at iStore?
No, we are not allowed to install 3rd party parts supplied by customers under any circumstance due to our relationship with Apple.
Do you work on Vintage and/or Obsolete Macs?
We can only repair a limited number of items for Macs that are Vintage or Obsolete. We typically can repair hard drives, memory, cables and batteries only for these computers.

Owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac products may obtain service and parts from Apple or Apple service providers for 5 years after the product is no longer manufactured—or longer where required by law. Apple has discontinued support for certain technologically obsolete and vintage products. 

My Mac is out of warranty, what will it cost to repair it?
A full listing of our Mac Service costs for labor are located here. Part prices vary and we do not provide quotes without being able to assess the unit in store as there is no way for us to diagnose your Mac over the phone or by email. We will give you a quote once you have brought in your Mac to be assessed by one of our Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians.
My hard drive has failed. Can you Recover my Data?
Yes, in most cases! We can recover data for over 95% of failed Hard Drives and SSD’s. If we cannot recover your data at our location, we partner with the best in the business and can send it out if needed.
What does Data Recovery cost?
Every data recovery is unique and each recovery is different. We provide free quotes for all customers, once the quote is provided you can decide if you would like the recovery performed. There is no obligation for the free quote.
What products can I trade in?
You can trade-in your used smart phone, computer, MP3 player or any technology product listed on our website’s trade-in page.
How does your trade-in program work?
Simply search on the drop down menu for your device or browse by product category. You will be prompted to answer some questions about your device’s condition and, after submitting your answers, you will be given a trade-in quote. If you accept the quote, print your acceptance. Then bring it and your device to iStore.
How do I get paid for your trade-in program?
When you bring your device and the quote to iStore, we will assess the condition of your device and upon verification that its condition matches the quote, you will immediately receive a check or a iStore gift card for the value of the device.
What if I come into iStore and the amount changes for my trade-in?
If the device is evaluated and the actual condition is different than that stated on the quote, we will explain why it is assessed lower (or maybe higher!) and a new offer will be submitted to you for approval. It is your option whether to accept or decline the new offer.
What can I use my iStore gift card from my trade-in for?
Anything in the store! If you are considering that new Apple product you’ve always wanted, feel free to use your gift card towards the purchase. If you want to use your gift card for a new Mac, iPad, or accessories; go ahead! As an added bonus, your gift card never expires. Use it until the amount on the card is gone!
Who is eligible to trade-in technology products at iStore?
Trade-ins will be accepted from all customers. (Valid Photo ID may be required)
What happens to my data that’s on a device I trade-in?
iStore and our partner, Encore securely erase all data. They then may utilize your device for parts, or refurbish it for resale.
Can I recycle my Apple device at iStore?
Yes! If you are interested in responsibly disposing of unwanted electronics, Apple and iStore have resources available to help. Apple and iStore contract with Sims Recycling Solutions to responsibly recycle computers and displays from any manufacturer. We’ll make sure that your product is safely recycled at one of Sims Recycling Solutions domestic processing facilities where a zero-landfill policy and proven sustainability give you peace of mind in knowing that your electronics will be managed responsibly. Recycle your Apple device here.
Where can I find the manual for my Apple device?


iMac –
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MacBook Air –

New to Mac –
General Manual – Finder… Help… Mac Help
Mac Pages Manual –
Mac Numbers Manual –
Mac Keynote Manual –
Mac iMovie Manual –
Mac Garageband Manual –
Mac iTunes Manual –
Mac Final Cut Pro X Manual –
Mac Logic Pro X Manual –
Mac iBooks Author Manual –

iPad General Manual –
iPad Photos Manual – part of the general manual above
iPad Pages Manual –
iPad Numbers Manual –
iPad Keynote Manual –
iPad Garageband Manual –
iPad iMovie Manual –

iPhone General Manual –
iPhone Photos Manual – part of the general manual above
iPhone Pages Manual –
iPhone Numbers Manual –
iPhone Keynote Manual –
iPhone Garageband Manual –
iPhone iMovie Manual –

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