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Screen Damage

Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or shattered. iStore is here to help.

Do I need an appointment?

No, we do not require appointments. We accept walk-in repairs for iPhones Monday through Friday only. We do not perform iPhone repairs on weekends. You can drop off an iPhone on the Weekend but our Technicians work Monday-Friday only. As we do not accept appointments and repairs are done on a first come first served basis you may have to wait for your repair the longest current expected wait time is under two hours. Screen replacements and liquid damged phones are required to be mailed off to an Apple Repair deopt and will be retuned repaired within 4-6 business days.


Are Screen replacements done same day?

No, Apple requires that we mail in all screen damage and liquid damage repairs to a repair depot. Typically any iPhone repair that has to be mailed in to a repair depot (Screen or Liquid Damage) takes between 4-6 business days. In some circumstances a loaner may be available (restrictions and availibility apply). Loaner availibilty is not guaranteed.


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iPhone service pricing

All iPhone Repairs are done on a walk-in first come first served basis Monday through Friday. No iPhone repairs are performed on the weekends.

For Mac and other Apple product repairs please visit us HERE

Regardless of whether your device is in need of an upgrade, or is no longer covered under an Apple warranty, we have the solution to fit your needs. We can upgrade and/or repair your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod and get it running as if it were new again.

iPhone screen repair pricing

The following screen repair prices apply if:

  • You need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Your iPhone screen gets broken while it’s still under warranty and you don’t have AppleCare+ coverage.
  • Your screen stops working and your iPhone isn’t covered by the Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.

If your iPhone has additional damage that’s not limited to the screen, see the “Other damage” fees.

iPhone model Screen repair only Other damage
iPhone 8 Plus $ 169 $ 399
iPhone 8 $ 149 $ 349
iPhone 7 Plus $ 169 $ 349
iPhone 7 $ 149 $ 319
iPhone 6s Plus $ 169 $ 329
iPhone 6s $ 149 $ 299
iPhone 6 Plus $ 149 $ 329
iPhone 6 $ 129 $ 299
iPhone SE $ 129 $ 269
iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c,
iPhone 5
$ 129 $ 269
iPhone 4s See “other damage” fee $ 199
iPhone 4 See “other damage” fee $ 149
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G See “other damage” fee $ 149

iPhone service pricing (Non-AppleCare+)

Model Screen repair Battery service Out-of-warranty service fee
iPhone 7 Plus $ 149 $ 79 $ 349
iPhone 6s Plus $ 149 $ 79 $ 329
iPhone 6 Plus $ 149 $ 79 $ 329
iPhone 7 $ 129 $ 79 $ 319
iPhone 6s $ 129 $ 79 $ 299
iPhone 6 $ 129 $ 79 $ 299
iPhone SE $ 129 $ 79 $ 269
iPhone 5s $ 129 $ 79 $ 269
iPhone 5c $ 129 $ 79 $ 269
iPhone 5 $ 129 $ 79 $ 269

Screen repair and accidental damage fees with AppleCare+

AppleCare+ includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage. You can use an incident for screen repair or for other damage to your iPhone. Each incident has a service fee, as shown. The following prices are for Apple screen repairs with AppleCare+ accidental damage coverage.

iPhone model Screen repair only (AppleCare+) Other damage (AppleCare+)
All iPhones with AppleCare+ $29 $99

All prices are in US dollars and are subject to tax. If you don’t have AppleCare+, see our out-of-warranty fees.

AppleCare+ and other iPhone service pricing

AppleCare+ and Other Pricing Price  
Non-Damaged, In-Warranty – Full Unit Swap FREE
Data Backup / Restore $39.99
Screen Only, covered by AppleCare+ $29.00
Damaged, covered by AppleCare+ (Full Unit) $99.00
Out-of-Warranty – Battery Only Replacement $79.00*
Out-of-Warranty – Camera Replacement (Varies by model) $79-$149
iOS Restore / Software Update $29.99
TechByte $29.99
Out-of-Warranty – iPhone Part Level Repair Varies by device  $Varies

*Data Backup is not covered by AppleCare and is offered as a fee based service. Pricing subject to change.

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