Requires OS X 10.11
  El Capitan compatible
  (Release Notes)
Remember all of your clippings with this ULTIMATE clipboard manager.

iClipboard automatically keeps a history of everything you copy to the clipboard from any application. You can then paste any clipping from the history five different ways: 1) the Shelf on the side of the screen; 2) the special menu in the menu bar; 3) the Rapid-Fire hot key; 4) the Services menu; or 5) the ALL-NEW Paste Blaster. The choice is yours…

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New in version 6!!!
iClipboard is the most feature-rich clipboard manager available for OS X. In preparing for version 6, we came to realize that it didn't need more bloat. Rather, it needed to be streamlined and be made faster and easier to use. Sure, version 6 has new features, but they exist only if they make your life easier and less confusing. We think you're really going to like the best version of iClipboard that we've ever released. And it's gorgeous!

NEW! Streamlined, gorgeous interface makeover
NEW! See long text clippings (previously abbreviated)
NEW! Overhauled plain text pasting so it's faster, easier, and not a global setting
NEW! On-the-fly text transformations instead of global setting
NEW! Clipping info shown directly in Shelf
NEW! Overhauled Shelf resizing to be less complicated
NEW! Shortcuts are now shown in the menu bar
NEW! Improved performance
• More...

The iClipboard Shelf appears on the side of your screen and records your clipboard history.

Whenever you press Command-C or choose Edit > Copy in any application, the clipping is automatically recorded in iClipboard's history. iClipboard has a special shelf that unobtrusively slides out from the side of the screen so you can access this clipboard history at any time. This means you're no longer limited to just the last thing copied to the clipboard.

The Shelf shows you a nice preview of each clipping. You can also manually add clippings by dragging content like text, images, movies, etc. to the Drag Zone at the top of the Shelf.

The Shelf opens and closes by clicking its tab. You can also set it up to automatically show and hide when the mouse pointer moves to/from the edge of the screen.

The Shelf doesn't have to be tied to the edge your screen — it can optionally float anywhere on your screen. Simply show and hide it whenever you want via a special hot key you choose.

The Paste Blaster.
If you're familiar with the Command-Tab hot key for switching between your running applications, then you already know how to use the Paste Blaster. Simply press a special hot key and large previews from your clipboard history will appear on your screen. Press the special hot key again until the clipping you want to paste is selected and presto, the clipping will automatically be pasted into whatever application you're using. It's super fast and super easy!

The ALL-NEW Format menu lets you quickly choose how you would like text formatted when pasted. For example, you can choose to have iClipboard paste your rich text as plain text so it takes on the formatting of the document you're pasting it into. See below for more information on text formatting.

Access your clippings from the menu bar.

The same projects and clippings that appear in your Shelf also appear in the menu bar. Simply select a clipping and it will automatically be pasted into the current application.

  Preview all of the information in a clipping.

If the clipping you see in the Shelf doesn't show you enough detail, you can easily bring up a large preview. The preview is especially useful if the clipping contains a lot of text you need to scroll through or a large image that you need to see in greater detail.

The preview will also let you watch a movie clipping; listen to an audio recording, or see a QuickLook preview of a file. Previews show you pertinent information about the clipping like:

Type. The type of the clipping like text, image, movie, etc.
Size. The size of the clipping
Application. The application where the clipping was captured
Document. The document where the clipping was captured
URL. The URL if the clipping is from a web page
Time & Date. The time/date when the clipping was captured
Format. A clipping can contain the content in multiple formats

Use projects to organize clippings.

Organize your clippings into as many projects as you'd like. Clippings are automatically captured into the current project and you can easily move or copy clippings between projects.

  Lock projects.

Lock a project to prevent clippings from being added to it or removed from it. Locked projects are useful for preserving important clippings that rarely change, but you paste often.

Clear the Unfiled project when quitting.

By default, clippings are captured into the special "Unfiled" project. When you quit iClipboard or shut down your computer, you can optionally choose to have iClipboard automatically clear all of the clippings in Unfiled. This is useful for security purposes so passwords or other private clippings aren't saved.

  Sort or manually order clippings.

Sort your clippings in the order you like to see them. Options include capture date, name, project, kind (text, image, etc.), and capture application.

If you prefer to have your clippings arranged a particular way, you can manually drag and drop them in the exact order you want.

Search your clippings.

Instantly search all your clippings or just the clippings in a particular project.

  Edit clippings.

You can edit text and web clippings directly from the Shelf. Editing clippings is useful if you need to make a correction or modification to a clipping before pasting it. The font bar also lets you easily make style/formatting changes to the clipping.

Name your clippings.

You can optionally name your clippings for easier identification. Named clippings are useful for clippings you paste frequently.

Format rich text before you paste it.

A special setting lets you choose to automatically paste rich text (sometimes known as formatted text) as plain text, so the pasted text takes on the style of the document it's being pasted into. There are also additional options to pre-format the pasted text as all lowercase, all uppercase, whitespace removed, word capitalization, new lines removed, and tabs converted to spaces.

  Rapid-fire pasting.

Mac OS X only lets you put a single clipping on the system-wide clipboard at a time. This means if you’re copying and pasting lots of information, you have to switch between applications or documents every time you copy or paste something.

iClipboard solves this problem by letting you copy and paste multiple items one after another. It maintains the correct order for you when pasting. For example, you can press a special hot key five different times in your web browser to copy five different paragraphs, and then you can switch to your word processor and press a special hot key five times to paste the five clippings.

Note: a small lightning bolt appears next to each rapid fire clipping for your convenience.

Paste in bulk.

iClipboard makes it easy to quickly paste multiple clippings at once. You can select just a few clippings to be pasted, or you can paste all the clippings in the history or a project.

Why is iClipboard the most practical clipboard manager for Mac? Here's 35 reasons...
Automatically captures clippings from the system clipboard Preview clippings (text, images, movies, web, audio, files...) Store clippings in unlimited projects you create Paste a clipping into any application with one click
Turn ON/OFF the clipboard recorder with one click Delete individual clippings from the history User-defined sounds for grabbing and pasting (you can control volume) Quick Look previews show contents of files
Copy content from any application with one click Clear the history at any time with a single click Ignore clippings larger than a user-specified size Edit text and web clippings directly from the Shelf
Auto-records the origin of the clipping (document & app) Access the history directly from the menu bar of any application Paste rich text clippings as plain text (separate command & preference) Rapid-Fire hot key to quickly paste multiple clippings at once
Five Shelf height settings: auto, user, small, medium, & large Single-click clippings in the Shelf to paste them Exclude applications that you don't want to record Special hot key quickly opens and closes the Shelf
Name your clippings for easier identification Special hot key to pause/resume recording Lock projects to prevent clippings from being added or removed Drag content from any app to the Shelf to record
Move or copy clippings to any project Select multiple clippings at once for moving, deletion, and pasting. Includes a Welcome window with Getting Started video Each captured clipping is date and time stamped
Unobtrusive Shelf slides out from side of screen Shelf can be set up to automatically hide Position the Shelf on the screen (left, right/top, center, bottom) Dynamically adjust the width of the Shelf
Limit history by date or quantity (e.g. 2 weeks, 50 clippings) Use the Paste Blaster to quickly paste a clipping using a hot key Turn On/Off the Shelf independently from other options Floating Shelf option so Shelf can be placed anywhere on screen
Search all clippings or just those in a particular project Sort clippings by date, name, kind, project or application Drag and drop clippings in the exact order you want them    

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